Denver Botanic Gardens acquisition

August 8, 2016

About a year ago, I was chosen through a competitive process to create a commissioned, outdoor work for the Denver Botanic Gardens’ Permanent Collection. I was given no guidelines on my proposal, so during my finalist’s interview I proposed an abstract work in three parts, ‘growing’ from one to the next, in order to reference the site.

After countless sketches and back-and-forths about material and scale, I installed the work, “Bending In and Out, a Progression,” in the hot summer sun of late June.

To find the sculpture: as you enter the Gardens from the ticket office, proceed straight down the main path. You’ll pass a sunken grass open space on your left, and a greenhouse / arboretum on your right. Continue until you reach the large pond; the Café will be ahead to your left, and a gazebo will be straight ahead. The sculpture is right in front of the gazebo.