170 x 220 x 7 inches
carbon fiber composite, steel cable

I spent a lot of time in the gardens of the Château, and part of my aim was to capture and reformulate moments that I’ve seen which have defined the place for me. Sometimes to do that, I’ve had to figure out some rather unconventional places for my work…

“Murmuration” refers to a flock of birds flying in a coordinated, yet seemingly random way. I think the word is relevant to more than birds, though, as it suggests the intersection of chance and instinct, intuition and improvisation. What would be the physical form of wind, if it could be embodied? Whether this work suggests wind, birds, or something entirely different doesn’t matter to me. It is the energy, the suggested motion, and the attempt to make permanent in space something that was fundamentally ephemeral, that drove me with this piece.

This is a work I created during my one-year fellowship at the Château de la Napoule in southern France, as part of being awarded the 2022-2023 Prix Henry Clews from the La Napoule Art Foundation.