Clift Family Exhibition at Museum of the Southwest

May 10, 2022

An announcement I’m really proud of — my family and I are the subject of a large show at the Museum of the Southwest in Midland,TX, opening this Thursday. I was there last week to help install 20+ of my own sculptures (there are 100+ works of ours in total) and it’s going to be a fascinating, well-curated exhibit. Below are a few images, and I’ll be preparing a longer, fully-documented PDF and/or video in the coming weeks, as well (feel free to email me about it, if you don’t see another post here).

And here is a brief introduction from the catalogue text for the exhibition:

The often-ephemeral concept of artistic intuition is the focus of A Particular World, an exhibition of Santa Fe’s Clift family and their work.

The exhibition features not only the work of acclaimed photographer William Clift, from his earliest Polaroids to his grand landscapes to his most recent iPhone photos, but also the work of his son, the sculptor Will Clift, and his daughter, visual artist Carola Clift. The more private creations of daughter Charis and wife Vida are included as examples of how art can permeate one’s daily life.

Work showcased spans from childhood to the present. Amidst it all, conversations emerge. Between artists. Between mediums. Across time.