11 Sep 2023

Interdependence, a Study

Here are ten forms, held in tension as five pairs. Thin threads connect them, symbolizing a mutually-dependent system, but the interdependence is also literal, each stabilizes...

10 Sep 2023

Emanating From Above

In the time of Henry and Marie Clews, who purchased and rebuilt the Château de la Napoule after WWI, music would pour forth from these small openings high over the dining room. Before the time...

11 Jun 2023

Up, Over, Around

Visitors walk through, look up, look down, then come back down and pass through the stone structure, again looking up, and they experience and focus on those transitions through that part of the gardens in a way that they wouldn't have, otherwise...

10 Jun 2023


A different type of piece for me... yet this is still an exploration of the same themes I'm so interested in - same language, different dialect, perhaps...

9 Jun 2023

L’Envol (“the moment of taking flight”)

I love cypress trees. Early in my fellowship in France, I watched as a windstorm whipped these trees back and forth, their tops moving several feet in either direction, filling them with a sense of animated life, simultaneously grounded and seeming about to take flight. I tried to imagine myself up at the top of one — what would be one's experience there?...

1 Jun 2023

Centripetal, Centrifugal (maquette)

Centripetal and centrifugal are opposing forces, but in a dance or other movement both can exist...

20 May 2023


“Murmuration” refers to a flock of birds flying in a coordinated, yet seemingly random way. I think the word is relevant to more than birds, as it suggests...

10 May 2023

Forms on a Catenary Curve

This piece is a study in equilibrium and adaptation: a wire bridge holds five steel platforms, each at a different angle...

9 May 2023

Forms on a Catenary Curve (maquette)

A catenary is the curve a cable takes under its own weight. It has one spot level to the ground; then in either direction it becomes increasingly angled... by varying the angle between the second and third pieces, each is able to stand in balance, adapting to its particular circumstances...

11 Mar 2023

At the Edge of Together

Two forms are perched as if staring out at the sea. Each rests at the edge of equilibrium, balanced as it inclines towards the other. Each is in a state of stasis, stillness, but barely so. There is tension, they are drawn together, yet...

1 Aug 2022

2022 Prix de Henry Clews winner!

I was recently awarded the 2022 Prix de Henry Clews, and will spend a year working on new sculpture projects in the south of France.

10 May 2022

Clift Family Exhibition at Museum of the Southwest, Texas

An announcement I'm really proud of — my family and I are the subject of a large show at the Museum of the Southwest in Midland,TX, opening this Thursday. I was there last week to help install 20+ of my own sculptures (there are 100+ works of ours in total) and it's going to be a fascinating, well-curated exhibit...